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An Elliott Electric Supply Store


Job Description:

Our Summer Internship is approximately 10-12 weeks and has a flexible schedule based on the ending and starting dates of your classes.

It includes a rotational training where you will gain experience in all departments of our 24 hour Distribution Center, you will work in several different stores in Counter Sales, will go with several Outside Salesmen on their regular sales calls, and will spend time with Operations Managers and Store Managers.  The last 3-4 weeks will be spent on a project that is relevant to our current business.  You will be tasked with researching the topic, speaking to employees, managers, our sales team, and sometimes customers, and providing insights/suggestions based on your findings.  You will present your project to the management team during your last week and many times the suggestions will be implemented.


Our Winter Internship is 2-4 weeks in December and has a flexible schedule based on the ending and starting dates of your classes.

This is an abbreviated version of the Summer Internship and it does not have a project. 






We look for candidates that are professional, driven, goal oriented, have a good attitude, good work ethic, a willingness to learn anything that is given to them, and don't mind getting their hands dirty working in any position.  The most successful interns get involved, meet as many people as possible, and learn as much as they can during their internship. 

Remember, this could be an internship to help you decide what you'd like to do after colloege, it could be a resume builder, or it could be an extended job interview. We have many opportunities at Elliott Electric Supply whether that be in project management, estimating, sales, operations, inventory, or store management.  The position that most fits your strengths and goals isn't always the one you thought it would be, so stay open minded and look at the benefits of each.

We look forward to having you on our team!

Job Type: Full-Time Contact: Cedrica Fields (972)206-0016

Location: Farmers Branch, TX (DFW RDC - 34)

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