Electrical Meters

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Some of the most indispensable tools in your tool box are your electrical meters. They help gauge current, voltage, and electrical problems, blocks, and surges --- as well as identify how much electricity is consumed.

Electrical meters and test equipmentcan be used by professional electrical contractors or by ordinary homeowners.

For homeowners, electrical meters will help troubleshoot costly electrical problem spots around the home...

  • Electrical meters can measure how much electricity is being used by an appliance
  • Electrical meters can help gauge the accuracy of your home’s electric meter -- help check-up on your electric company
  • Electrical meters can identify which appliances are consuming electricity and should be unplugged when not used

For the electrical contractor, electrical meters can help…

  • Design electricity distribution throughout a building
  • Identify problematic electrical outlets
  • Identify electrical surge issues
  • Distribute power evenly throughout a building

Often used in combination with meters, an electrical calculation can help with a variety of electrical design and troubleshooting needs. Some of the more commonly used electrical calculation models include…

  • An electrical calculation to define current for electric circuits
  • A calculation to define power for electric circuits
  • An electrical calculation to calculate voltage, voltage regulation, voltage drop and power loss
  • A calculation to identify impedance in an electrical circuit

Whether you're a homeowner, landlord or electrical contractor, you'll find an electrical meter and electrical calculations to be indispensable tools. In planning, designing, and troubleshooting, these tools will provide a wealth of knowledge --- and power.

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