Careers: Software and Web Development

With full and part-time positions available, great wages, commissions, and benefits, and a history of solid growth combined with our preference of promoting from inside the company, Elliott Electric Supply is one of the smartest career moves you can make.

Software and Web Development

Our computer programs undergo continuous improvements and additions; thus, the work of the Computer Services Department is never finished. These employees have great job security because their products and services are in constant demand. As our company's list of custom computer programs continues to grow, so will the Computer Services department. They enjoy their work and are good at what they do, making business more efficient by interfacing with all Elliott Electric Supply employees and departments, as well as our customers and suppliers.

Computer Services: In-House Software

The Software and Web Development teams are responsible for writing and maintaining computer software used by Elliott Electric Supply and by our customers. Just about everything our company does involves computer programs specifically written and continually modified to fit our business. There is an ever-growing number of opportunities for our software developers to write new applications for the company, from advanced bookkeeping and inventory maintenance programs to our custom Personnel Management web system providing employee-related reports and schedules; from mobile barcode wand software supporting custom label printing, EDI order entry, the Intranet site for Elliott Electric Supply employees, and the Internet site for customers and perspective customers, to delivery tracking, sales history, and the AIM (automated inventory control) system developed for our customers--these are just a few examples of the kind of innovations our development teams contribute to the company.

Computer Services: Technical Writers

The technical writing team drives the creation of documentation methodology and framework for purposes of consistently and efficiently delivering information to company personnel. This role prepares and/or maintains documentation pertaining to programming, systems operation and user documentation. Technical writers produce instructional guides, manuals, brochures, training materials, and other technical pieces of literature for audiences of varied technical backgrounds. The writers may also provide internal/external presentation media as requested. The writing team is also responsible for the creation and administration of an online environment for all employees to easily access all produced material via a Content Management System.

Computer Services: User Interface Design

The User Interface Design Team works in tandem with many of our departments including developers, marketing, technical writers, and our training department. Designers create and publish digital marketing material such as web pages, data charts, infographs, and electronic advertisements. They are responsible for creating mockups for new web pages and desktop application screens, and reviewing applications as they are developed to insure they are easy to use and have a consistant look and feel. They are graphic designers, web designers, and webmasters.

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