Capabilities – Will Call Curbside

Skip the line with curbside delivery!

Elliott Electric Supply is proud to offer Will Call Curbside, a free service for those who use our will call services. Now, when you pick up your will call tickets, simply park at the Will Call Center and let us know you've arrived. Our app enables you to confirm orders and input security PINs through your mobile devices. After the orders are processed, we hand-deliver your materials and if needed, load them into your vehicle.

Streamline your Will Call experience using the Elliott Electric Supply mobile app to receive order notifications and schedule pickups. Don't have our mobile app? Find more information here and download it FREE on your iOS or Android device!

Select Tickets for Pickup

From your list of will call orders, select the tickets or individual orders you want delivered curbside. Schedule future pickup times on the app, online, or by contacting your sales representative.

Tell Us When You're En Route

Use the Pickup Orders feature on the app to tell us when you're on your way. Enable GPS tracking so we can have your materials waiting for you at the Will Call Center.

Park Curbside for Pickup

Once you've parked at the Will Call Center, tap the I'm Here buttonon the app or call inside the store. Provide a vehicle description and/or license plate number so we can find you more easily.

Process Payment & Load Materials

With your mobile device, you can review ticket details and accept orders with signatures and security PINs. After the payment is processed, we load your materials into your vehicle.

Additional Benefits for App Users

100% Contactless Pickup

For your safety and convenience, will call orders can now be fully processed using our mobile app on your tablet or smart phone device.

Materials are Ready to Load

Use the mobile app to alert us when you're en route so we can have your order ready and waiting at the will call center.

Track Order Progress

Have peace of mind knowing your orders are being processed on schedule and receive update notifications through our mobile app.

Choose Your Pickup Location

For those who use multiple Elliott Electric Supply locations to fulfill will call orders, you can now plan out a pick up schedule and collect all your materials in a single route.

How It Works: