Introducing 'Elliott Reward$'

At Elliott Electric Supply, our goal is to provide you with the utmost in convenience, whether that's through unmatched service or the cutting edge in technology. With the new Reward Dollars feature of our website, you get the best of both worlds–service and technology–and, like always, it's all about saving you time and money!

What are Elliott Reward$?

  • Elliott Reward Dollars are essentially cash in your pocket! As you earn them, you can either apply the dollars to your account balance when you pay online, or redeem the money in the form of widely accepted MasterCard gift cards.

How to Earn Reward$:

  • Begin receiving all of your invoices exclusively through email and earn a reward of $0.10 for each and every invoice. How do I get started?


  • Invoices appear immediately in your inbox. Choose which digital file type is best for you.
  • The $0.10 per invoice that you earn can really add up before you know it!
  • Going green pays off – use less paper, ink, and fuel, and save time and money in the process.

How to Sign-Up

Terms and Conditions

  • The $0.10 reward will be given for any invoice that is sent electronically via email and NOT also sent via postal mail, fax, or EDI.
  • Reward Dollars earned for electronic invoices will be added to your account at the time the invoice is created.
  • Reward Dollars redeemed in the form of MasterCard gift cards:
    • Must be redeemed in amounts greater than $25.00 with a limit of $300.00 per month.
    • Will only be mailed out if your account is in good standing and not on credit hold.