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PIWC4C - 22-12AWG 4WR PSH-N Con - Nsi Industries
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Nsi Industries
22-12AWG 4WR PSH-N Con

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301034J - Push-In 12AWG 4-Port 200/Jar


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    Quick Specs
    Catalog Number
    Manufacturer's Part Number
    Push-In 12AWG 4-Port 200/Jar
    Push-In Wire Connector, Yellow Insulation Color, +221 °F Operating Temperature, 0.780 In Overall Length, 0.820 In Overall Width, 0.380 In Overall Height, 600 V (Building Wire);1000 V (Maximum Signs/Lighting Fixture), 0.01 LB
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    Misc. - Connecting Materials - Electrical Fixture Conn ( Nuts  Mark as Incorrect
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    Wire Nuts
    39121409 - Wire connectors
    783250693580 / 0783250693580 / 00783250693580
    Weight per unit
    0.0078 (lbs/each)
    Price & Packaging
    Minimum Order Quantity
    200 Each
    $0.13 (1 Each)
    $153.48 (1,200 Each)
    Stock Availability
    0 Each (Find nearest stock)
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    62,200 Each
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    301034J - Specification Sheet
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    301034J - Brochure
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    301034J - Large Image
    301034J - Large Image
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    301034J - Specification Sheet
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    301034J - MSDS Sheet
    301034J - MSDS Sheet

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    Wire Size
    #12 AWG - #20 AWG Solid, #12 AWG - #16 AWG (19 Strand Or Less) #18 AWG (7 Strand) Stranded, #14 AWG - #18 AWG (19 Strand Or Less) Stranded (Tin Bonded)
    4 Ports
    Voltage Rating
    600/1k A
    Material, Color, and Finish
    Insulation Color
    Yellow Handle
    Dimensions and Weight
    Overall Length
    0.780 in
    0.780 IN Length X 0.820 IN Width X 0.380 IN Height
    Product Type
    Push-In Wire Connector
    Push-In 12AWG 4-Port, 200 Jar
    Long Description
    Push-In Wire Connector, Yellow Insulation Color, +221 °F Operating Temperature, 0.780 in Overall Length, 0.820 in Overall Width, 0.380 in Overall Height, 600 V (Building Wire);1000 V (Maximum Signs/Lighting Fixture), 0.01 lb
    Short Description
    Push-In Wire Connector, Yellow, 12 AWG, 200 per jar
    Special Features
    No-Twist Connection Reduces Repetitive Motion Fatigue
    Features: No-Twist Connection Reduces Repetitive Motion Fatigue; Low Insertion Force For Fast And Easy Connections; Compact Size Makes Installation Easy; Clear Shell Gives Visual Verification Of Connection; UL Listed To 486C And CSA Certified To C22.2 #188; UL 467 Listed For Grounding And Bonding Applications; 600V Maximum Building Wire, 1000V; Maximum Signs And Lighting Fixtures; Shell Rated To 105 DEG C; Tough, UL 94V-2 Flame-Retardant Shell Rated At 105 DEG C (221 DEG F); Model: 34
    PUSH-IN 12AWG 4-PORT 200/JAR
    Additional Information
    Maximum Operating Temperature
    +105 °C;+221 °F
    Overall Width
    0.820 in
    Overall Height
    0.380 in
    Maximum Voltage Rating
    600 V (Building Wire);1000 V (Maximum Signs/Lighting Fixture)
    Standards Met
    CSA C22.2 #188;486C/467 UL Listed;RoHS
    Made in USA
    package quantity
    200 JR
    Wire Type
    Solid, Stranded, Stranded (Tin Bonded)
    Manufacturer Information
    sub brand
    Manufacturers Part Number
    Taxonomies, Classifications, and Categories
    Category Description
    minimum qty
    0.01 lb
    Weight per each
    Uses, Certifications, and Standards
    Grounding and Bonding Applications
    For Grounding And Bonding Applications
    Temperature Rating
    105 C
    CSA C22.2 #188, 486C/467 UL Listed, RoHS
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