HID Cross Reference

The chart in this HID lamp guide provides a cross-reference of product numbers between Advance and Universal labels.

71A7971001 12310-153R-500K
71A807-71001 12310-90R-500K
71A8172001 12310-165R-500K
71A8271001 1230-92-500K
71A8472001 1230-93-500K
71A8773001 ------
71A5570001 1130-91R-500K
71A5770001 1130-92R-500K
71A6071001 1130-93-500K
71A6572001 -----
71A6772001 1130-99-500K
71A2591500 1030-90R-500K
71A3072001 1030-91-500K
71A3572001 1030-92-500K
71A4071001 1030-93-500K
71A5070001 1030-97-500K
71A8241001 1230-32-500K
71A8443001 ------
71A8743001 ------
71A6041001 1130-33-500K
71A6542001 -----
71A4041001 1030-33-500K
71A5040001 1030-57-500K