Got Electrical Outlets?

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If you're undergoing a remodeling or construction project, you'll certainly be doing some electrical work. Relocating and adding new electrical outlets will require electrical boxes and wiring devices.

Adding or relocating electrical outlets isn't nearly as complicated as you might think. While the concept of working with electricity frightens many people, if you use caution, the proper tools, and follow instructions, you'll be able to enjoy additional electrical outlets right where you need them.

Electrical boxes come in a variety of sizes, depending upon the number of outlets intended to be added. Typically offered in pairs, electrical boxes come in sizes to accommodate two, four, and six electrical receptacles.

When expanding electrical outlets in a room, remember these few helpful tips:

  • Always remember to disconnect power to the area you are working on before beginning any electrical work
  • Plan where larger pieces of furniture will be placed so electrical outlets will not be covered
  • Identify where items requiring large electrical power requirements will be placed so electrical outlets can be planned accordingly (i.e., computers, stereos, home entertainment systems)
  • Allow for at least one if not more electrical boxes per wall
  • Plan for electrical boxes near cable outlets
  • Identify your needs for telephone jacks in combination with electrical outlets (i.e., for satellite television systems)

The advantages of electrical outlet expansion using electrical boxes and wiring devices are obvious – more outlets enable different room configurations and seating arrangements, as well as added electrical/electronic components and lighting.

Placement of added electrical boxes is essential for successful room planning. Plan accordingly and know that you'll be able to get the type and quantity of electrical boxes you need when you need them from your electrical distributor.

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