Employee Training & Development

At Elliott Electric Supply, our employees are our greatest asset. We will provide you with the training and learning opportunities you need to be successful in your career with Elliott Electric Supply!

On-the-job Training

Your initial on-the-job training will teach you everything you need to know about your daily job responsibilities. Thereafter, we provide weekly in-store training meetings, frequent opportunities to attend formal training classes and webinars presented by manufacturers, NAED sponsored courses, and independent study courses and videos as on-going educational opportunities for you.

As new policies, procedures, and products are introduced, we will provide formal training to keep you informed. We also maintain a list of the industry's best online training resources along with our own 'eTraining' Web system, both of which will be available to you on our company intranet at all times.

Group in Store Services Training Room

NAED's Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC)

The EPEC course system is an industry-recognized training program designed to give sales people a professional breadth of knowledge about the products we distribute. Comprised of three levels, each with five modules, EPEC is the most comprehensive training program ever developed for our industry. EPEC is only recommended to individuals who have at least eight months of experience in electrical distribution.

As an employee, if you complete EPEC, we will pay for the course materials (~$1500) as well as award you cash bonuses for completion.

Leadership Development Program

The purpose of the Elliott Electric Supply Leadership Development Program is to provide a pool of highly qualified and knowledgeable individuals who are prepared to assume the role of Branch Manager, Operations Manager, or Salesperson as the need arises. The success of Elliott Electric Supply relies as always upon our employees, especially our managers and sales force. By investing in the training potential of Branch and Operations Managers as well as Salespeople we are capitalizing in the continued growth and success of our company.

Compass pointing toward leadership

Two types of recruits for the leadership program:

Company Recruit

Company recruits provide a company-wide pool of trained Branch Managers and Salespeople for future needs. They are selected by approved recruiters and placed in an approved training store.

Local Recruit

Local recruits provide a specific area with a pool of trained Branch or Operations Manager and Salespeople for future needs. They are recruited by Area Managers and placed in an approved training store with the intention of remaining and growing their careers locally.

How to Get Started

All recruits must have the ability to learn quickly, work hard, exhibit strong customer service skills, communicate effectively, be a problem solver, and be self-motivated. Recruits are hired with the intention of being part of a pool that can be flexible and move where opportunity is presented. If you're interested and would like to apply for consideration, contact the Employee Training and Development Department at Elliott Electric Supply.

Leadership Program Details

  • 18 to 20 month program
  • Predictive Index Assessment
  • EDGE Product Training
  • Eaton 101 Basic Product Training
  • NAED's EPEC Bronze Certification Course
  • Store Services Training
  • E-training
  • Mentoring
  • Reviews & Assessments
  • Job Rotation:
    • Warehouse: 2 Months
    • Counter/Inside Sales: 12 months
    • Quotations: 2 months (optional)
    • Store Operations: 2 months
    • Outside Sales: 2 months

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