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Basic Distributor Services – Elliott Electric Supply

Exceptional service begins with getting the basics right. This page highlights our fundamentals—a core set of services that electrical professionals expect and deserve. While it's not rocket science, a solid foundation is crucial, and it's the cornerstone of everything Elliott Electric Supply does for you.

Personal Service — It means a lot. Your business with Elliott Electric Supply is personal to us. Our sales crew strives to make this relationship a great one. We promise to make ourselves readily available for anything you may need. We continuously conduct in-house technical training because our knowledge and efficiency directly benefits your relationship with Elliott Electric Supply and sets us apart from the other guys.
Cutting Your Costs — A fellow expert behind the sales counter makes all the difference! We offer all of our employees incentives for completing advanced electrical education programs, like NAED's Electrical Products Education Course (EPEC). This translates to a vastly improved experience for you—when you can promptly get the materials you need with minimal confusion and hassle. What's more, our team includes experts who specialize in crucial cost-cutting areas, like project management, inventory maintenance, quotations, and custom software.

Product Availability — Our system tracks live inventory levels, and we provide you the data in real time. We were one of the first in the field to achieve this, and today we've got it down to a science. Our priority is having the best in-stock availability from quality brands. We offer: quick transfers between our numerous locations, expedited orders from the manufacturer, 24/7 emergency orders, and hotshot deliveries, all from the biggest warehouses around.   Chances are, we have it. And if we don't, we'll get it for you!

Do you need GPS tracking on the truck that's delivering your materials? We can do that.

How about custom cuts of wire, or parallel cuts? We do that too!

Easy to Purchase — We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Discover, American Express, and MasterCard at all points of purchase.

In-House Credit — For maximum convenience, we offer an in-house line of credit with an Elliott Electric Supply charge account. Simply download the credit application and follow the instructions. You are welcome to maintain multiple Job Accounts (Sub-Accounts) for all of your projects, with specific credit lines for each.
Notification Services — With our Notifications service, you can find out immediately when an order is shipped, delivered, or ready for pickup (will-call). To opt-in to receive text message Notifications from Elliott Electric Supply, simply text "ELLIOTT" to "41411." (Please note, your carrier's standard text messaging rates will apply.)  Read about the full line of Notifications options.

24/7 Emergency Service — We provide personal phone numbers that you can call anytime something pressing comes up. Real customer stories, like this one, attest to our sales crew's dedication to this crucial service. Additionally, certain areas offer special hotshot deliveries and other round-the-clock services so that we can react quickly to whatever you need, 365 days a year.

When you log-in, these 24/7 contact numbers are available on the Locations section of our website, or through the Elliott Electric Supply App.

Hassle-Free Inventory Maintenance — One of the major areas where we can help you save costs is in managing and storing your inventory. One basic advantage of Elliott Electric Supply is free scheduled deliveries, available in most areas. But our inventory services go much further. If you need help planning and constructing your own Inventory Facilities, we've got you covered. Or, we offer project storage so you can keep your project materials in our warehouse.

We'll deliver the inventory solution that's right for you. We offer on-site inventory options, including manned setups if you require inventory review or inventory maintenance services; or, we'll provide the on-site supplies and you can manage it yourself. We specialize in custom solutions, so if you can conceive it, we'll make it happen—just about anything is possible!
Special Events — We feel it's important that, as a customer of Elliott Electric Supply, you know you're appreciated. That's why we love throwing special events, on the local level as well as regional and company-wide. From counter breakfasts and lunches, to weekend crawfish boils, fish fry's, and open house events, each location schedules its own in-shop festivities. There are also larger, annual events like the Big Bass Classic, regional golf tournaments, clay shoots, and more!
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