Even during tough economic times, Elliott Electric Supply continues to grow in prominence as the leading distributor of electrical and industrial automation supplies throughout the southern states. No other electrical supplier can match our winning combination of great deals, dependable stock, and unsurpassed customer service.

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Company Overview

  • Our Mission: To Serve Our Customers
    Hopefully, better than any other electrical supplies distributor!
  • Locations: 150+ (TX, LA, AR, AZ, OK, GA, NM, & KS)
  • Top-tier capabilities: customized service & software.
  • Large In-Stock Inventory w/ an expansive line sheet.
  • The Best Brands / MFRs: 'Sole Source' supplier
  • Our Team: ~2,000 highly skilled individuals
  • Sales: Over $1 Billion annually (see chart below)
  • Growth: 15-20% compound growth per year
  • Perfect Credit: 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet Rating

Sales Growth Chart

Making Headlines

EES moves up to the top 12th ranked distributor in the nation, according to Electrical Wholesaling

In 2017, Electrical Wholesaling ranked us as the 12th largest electrical distributor in the US, and for the same year MDM also ranked us at 12th!

2017 Awards: Ranked 12th in the Nation by MDM & 12th by EW

This year Elliott Electric Supply was ranked as the 12th largest electrical supplies distributor in the nation by Modern Distribution Management magazine. The rankings were based on 2016 sales, which came to about $756 million, with five new Elliott Electric Supply location openings.

Also for 2017, based on the same 2016 sales, Elliott Electric Supply was ranked by Electric Wholesaling as the 12th largest distributor in the US.

We continue to expand our facilities and personnel, which plays an important role as we strive to meet our annual goal of 15-20% compound growth. Entering the top ten in the coming years, as well as reaching the benchmark of one billion dollars in sales for a year, are both very exciting prospects for all of us here at Elliott Electric Supply. Read more...

Bill Elliott: Our Company's Founder

Just as Bill Elliott has been described as "a bedrock of the industry" (TED magazine, Apr.09), he is also the bedrock of Elliott Electric Supply. Bill remains as involved in the company as the day he first opened its doors for business in 1972.

TED Mag April 2009 Cover

April 2009: Bill Elliott wins the Arthur W. Hooper Award
(See Article)

Chair of the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED) from 2005 to 2006, chair of the NAED Education & Research Foundation and the IMARK Group marketing cooperative, and recipient of NAED's highest honor--the Arthur W. Hooper Award--Bill has devoted his life to electrical distribution and has established Elliott Electric Supply as one of the most renowned and fastest growing companies in the industry.

Elliott Electric Supply's innovative use of cutting edge technology (developed in-house) stems from Bill's passion to go the extra mile and achieve optimum ability, efficiency, and service--not merely for the company's benefit, but for our customers and for the industry itself.

Additional Facts & Figures

August 2008 EES Product Catalog

  • Affiliations: NAED, IMARK
  • Markets: Contractors, Residential/Commercial, Industrial/MRO/OEM, Institutions & Government
  • Technology: Full Account Management Online, EDI, Real-time Stock Numbers, & more.
  • Publications: The Electric Times (monthly), and the bi-annual EES product catalog
  • Low Liabilities: 25% of total capitalization (compared to industry average of 52%)
  • Internal financing, reinvestment of profits, and short-term debts only
  • Net worth greater than 75% of total capitalization

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