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When you're buying electrical wiring supplies, you're not always just looking for conduit, cable and capacitors. Some times, you also need quality power hand tools to get the job done. Perhaps you need an all-new tool for a new type of job – or a replacement tool for one that's worn out. Regardless of the application, having the power tools you need is part of the job.

This doesn't mean you're doomed to shop the big home improvement stores! You don't have to drive out of your way, settle for limited selection, or wait in long lines to pay more than you'd prefer. These days, smart buyers are opting for electrical and wiring supply houses online who also offer power hand tools and other essentials at wholesale pricing.

Elliott Electric Supply Online
Wholesale Pricing – Great Customer Service – Fast Delivery

  • One-stop shopping means you save time.
  • To-your-door fast delivery ensures your wiring supplies and power tools arrive when you need them --- without the hassles of retail.
  • You can't beat wholesale pricing. More stock means less price markup.
  • The best quality in electrical wiring supplies.
  • The top names in power hand tools.
  • Easy online account management, including order history and tracking.
  • Fast and easy reorders.

Simply put, you can't always predict when your power hand tools are going to fail you – or when a special job comes up that you just don't have the right tool for. When you need your tools, you want to be sure you can get what you need fast and at a great wholesale price.

At Elliott Electric Supply, you'll find all the top-quality electrical wiring supplies you need in an easy to access online inventory system. With quick visibility to current in-stock inventory, you'll know what we have and how much we have of it – just like we know.

And you'll find big name brands on top-quality power hand tools too. With names like ChannelLock, Lenox, and DeWalt, you're getting quality delivered right to your door. You won't need to set foot inside the home improvement center -- imagine the ease and convenience of ordering your power tools at the same time as you order your wiring supplies.

Elliott Electric Supply is a premier online electrical distributor. With over 800 employees at over 100 locations in the southern US, Elliott Electric is the leader in wholesale electrical supplies.

From arrestors to junction boxes to electric power generators, we've got your electrical needs covered. With great pricing, extensive inventory, and fast delivery, you'll find no better wholesale distributor of electrical supplies online than Elliott Electric Supply. Browse our extensive selection today and save!

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