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Air Conditioners

Oxbox®, a Trane® brand, offers a full line of HVAC equipment, including condensers and heat pumps that can meet and exceed your heating and cooling needs while staying within your budget. Their air conditioners are built to perform even in the hottest climates, while being quiet, efficient, and afforable. Oxbox heat pumps remove heat when it's warm and add heat when it's cool. Your HVAC installer can help you decide what size and type of central air conditioning unit is right for your home. You can't go wrong with Oxbox!

The Oxbox Warranty

All Oxbox® HVAC equipment comes with robust warranties that are truly impressive and easy – no registration required, warranted to the home (so all Oxbox warranties transfer to the new owner if you sell your home), with complete unit replacement in the first year, 5 years standard parts warranty, 10 years compressor replacement, and 20 years for heat exchangers!

Furnaces - Heaters

Oxbox furnaces are built for durability, providing high performance over the long haul. These furnaces come standard with a silcon nitride igniter, aluminized steel heat exchangers, galvanized steel cabinets, and can heat homes and other buildings with either natural gas or propane. In summer, your furnace also works with your outdoor system to circulate cool air, helping keep you comfortable all year long.

  • Flexible heating with natural gas or propane
  • Durable and efficient, aluminized steel heat exchanges
  • Galvanized steel cabinets resist corrosion
  • Adaptable designs ensure the right fit
  • Easy warranty - no registration required
    • Warranted to the home, not just the homeowner
    • 20 years heat exchanger warranty
    • 10 years compressor replacement
    • 5 years standard parts warranty

Heater Kits, Heat Strips & Unit Heaters

Our full line of Oxbox® heat kits are designed to support various installation locations and configurations, like multi-position, wall mount, and ceiling mount. Electric heat kits come in a range of options when it comes to size and heat output. We also stock unit heaters by QMark®, a Marley® brand. These standalone unit heaters are an easy, affordable and versatile option for heating spaces using compact electric heat with air flow. Unit heaters can be mounted in the wall or ceiling, with universal mounting brackets and other accessories available below.

Multi Position Coils & TXV Kits

Multi-position coils provide heating and cooling and can be installed in any position, upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right. Oxbox cased evaporator coils are adaptable to 14 and 16 SEER and are also SEER2 compatible.

Talk to a licensed professional to plan your configuration, as some rated combinations in evaporator coils require a thermal expansion valve kit (TXV kit). TXV kits by Oxbox are available at Elliott Electric Supply and shown below.

Air Handler Units (AHU)

Air handlers circulate air through your home efficiently for many long years and can be used in conjunction with heating and cooling equipment. Oxbox® air handlers come in a flexible and affordable range of installation configurations, including multi-position and wall mount, with either PSC or ECM motor options.

The AirMark® GAS series air handler units shown below do include heating and cooling capabilities. They are are designed for ceiling or furrdown mounting. These AirMark® GAS series fan coil kits include direct drive, multi-speed PSC motors and DX coils to acheive cooling as well as heating. They are compatible with most brands of air conditioners and heat pumps, as well as TXV metering devices.

Our durable electric evaporator coil systems and air handler units (AHU's) give you a wide range of options when it comes to size, cooling and heating capabilities, and air movement and circulation (CFM output).

HVAC Accessories

Elliott Electric Supply stocks a wide range of essential HVAC accessories like LCD thermostat options, refrigerant cylinders, various sized air filter options, copper tube, copper line sets, many HVAC disconnect makes and models, electrical whip supplies, insulated boot and uninsulated boot shapes and sizes, a range of contactor makes and models, flex duct, armaflex, stamped and other types of air register, HVAC capacitor selection, universal motor supplies and mounts for heating and air handling, hard start kits, drain gun and drain pan supplies in metal and non-metal, regulators, gauges, cleaners, plenums, conduit, float switch and safety switch options, finger saver start collars, condensate drain blowout valves, gas pipe, condenser pad options in concrete and plastic, line set covers, thermostat wire, and other HVAC cabling, copper and aluminum.

HVAC Supply Store Locations

The following Elliott Electric Supply locations sell Air Conditioners, Heaters, Ventilation HVAC Equipment as well as HVAC installation items and service type items - Refrigerant, Motors, Contactors, Capacitors, Thermostats, Filters, etc.:

The following Elliott Electric Supply locations carry HVAC service type items including Refrigerant, Motors, Contactors, Capacitors, Thermostats, Filters, etc.:

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