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ElliottElectric.com & the Mobile App

At a Glance — Our eTools

ElliottElectric.com — Our website gives you the power and freedom to customize your experience according to what tasks are needed, such as purchasing, payables & billing, approvals, or a combination of any roles. Within each section you'll find specialized tools, which make even complicated tasks quick and easy. Read more
The App — Available for both Apple and Android, our app delivers the core features of ElliottElectric.com to your fingertips. The touchscreen interface allows for nice shortcuts to account & order info, communication with your sales rep, useful electrical resources, and other great, standalone tools. Read more
And Beyond — We will design our digital tools to your exact specifications. Want us to support software or a system that you already use and like? Want a whole new type of report? Want custom automation of purchasing or payables? We do it all — No request is too big or small.

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The Elliott Electric Mobile App

About Our App — We are constantly adding new abilities to our mobile app. Available free for Apple or Android devices, it includes:
  • Our e-Catalog
  • Real-time Account Access
  • Track Job/PO Status
  • Elliott Locations Finder
  • Communicate & send photos to your sales rep.
  • Electrical References & Calculators
  • And more!

The latest info on our App is available here.

You can also take a look at the Coming Soon page for App features & capabilities currently in the works.

ElliottElectric.com — Features & Capabilities

Real-Time Data — The information you access on ElliottElectric.com is presented with real-time accuracy, whether you're viewing your account data, balances, unpaid invoices & order status, or if you're looking at our inventory numbers in the products section. Our system tracks live inventory data at every Elliott Electric Supply location, as well as materials on delivery or transfer. Paired with the web features discussed below, like real-time invoicing and order tracking, as well as our other eCommerce services, our system gives you continuous insight into all of your business with Elliott Electric Supply.
Digital Invoices & Statements — In addition to receiving your invoices by email (or other services, like EDI), you can use ElliottElectric.com to download all of your files at any time. When exporting your data, choose any common accounting software format, like Quicken, QuickBooks, PeachTree, etc. If we don't already offer the format you need, just let us know and we'll take care of it. More Delivery Options for e-Invoices
Invoice Approval System — This feature of our website allows your project managers or similar personnel to approve invoices for payment by your payables team. Invoice Approval also includes useful tools for exporting, paying, or disputing selected invoices, as well as options to add or view PO’s, packaging slips, and other attachments.
Online Payments (w/ Scheduling) — We've designed the ElliottElectric.com online payments system by listening closely to requests from different customers, making this service highly practical and convenient. There's never a need to spend time selecting your invoices manually for payment—our system lets you filter your invoices according to the date of your choice, with handy shortcuts for selecting them. Payments can be scheduled ahead of time or made immediately, and we will even process 'flat amount' payments according to your instructions.
Advanced Security Compliance — We are 100% PCI Compliant and handle your data with the highest security standards, in person and online. Our web system employs TrustWave and Verisign security authentication, and we also offer unique in-person security services, like purchasing PIN numbers and more.
Recent Orders (w/ Attached Documents & more) — On your recent orders page you'll find several options for each of your orders. In addition to seeing all items on any selected order, you can view documents attached to the order, like Purchase Orders, Packaging Slips, or anything you like. You can attach new documents or scanned images to the order from this page. You can also copy a recent order and use it as a template for placing a new order, adjusting the QTY's and adding items as needed. And, of course, you can print or email each order's full details.
You can also track your shipments through Recent Orders. Read below to find out how.
Track Your Shipments (Recent Orders) — Also on the recent orders page, you can drill-down into the shipment(s) for each order. As certain orders will have multiple shipments, our system lets you see which items are on each individual shipment, each shipment's status, and tracking number. All of this information is also available for non-shipped orders (like pick-ups, etc.), giving you the place, time, and method by which your materials left our facilities. In certain areas, we even offer GPS tracking on our trucks, so you can know exactly when & where your stuff is.
Purchase Order Recap Report — The P.O. Recap report lets you view every detail of an ongoing or completed purchase order on your account. This includes the ability to see every item (with part descriptions and links to full item details) on a PO, even in rare cases when a PO is broken into multiple orders. You can also see which items are still on order, if any. By drilling down into the order details you can view the shipment status for every item, as described above. Learn more.
Earn Reward Dollars — Elliott Reward Dollars are essentially cash in your pocket! To earn Elliott Reward$, all you have to do is elect to receive your invoices exclusively through email. Then, you'll earn a reward of $0.10 for each and every invoice on your account. As you earn them, you can either apply the reward dollars to your account balance, or redeem the money in the form of widely accepted MasterCard gift cards. Lean More
Statement Reconciliation — ElliottElectric.com also offers a reconciliation process that allows you to upload a list of invoices in CSV format from your preferred software package. The Statement Reconciliation tool will then give you a list of invoices we have marked as unpaid that weren’t in your file. This gives you a quick way of seeing any invoices that aren’t loaded in your system or that have incorrectly been marked as paid or deleted.
Products & Tools for Buyers — The Products section of ElliottElectric.com is like a digital version of our printed catalog, except it also shows you live stock data for every Elliott Electric supply location, full spec sheets, images, and more. Additionally, we offer great tools to save you time searching for products. Quick-Selects let you drill-down into product categories, see pricing, and order with very little effort. Or, you can build Custom Lists of items for single-click access at any time in the future. Alternatively, when you know the part numbers (or use your own) our Rapid Entry tool is extremely efficient and even allows you to copy-and-paste your order from a spreadsheet or similar file.
Custom Part Numbers — Our website’s Custom Part Numbers feature allows you to load your own part numbers for any of our products. Your custom part numbers will appear on your invoices and delivery tickets, as well as when you browse products online, make purchases, and build quotes or custom lists. You can use your custom part numbers to buy products on our website, including quick-order tools like Rapid Entry, or when placing orders at our locations.
Export Directly to Your Own Software — Whether you're working with invoices and order & payment history, or you're handling price files for estimation, our goal is that all data accessed from ElliottElectric.com be fully compatible with your personal or business software. We support all of the major accounting software packages, including QuickBooks, Quicken, PeachTree, etc., but we're also happy to support any other software you may use. That goes for price files, as well. Any estimation or bidding software that you use can be supported (Net Pricer, Supplier Xchange, TurboBid, Vision InfoSoft, Accubid, BHSestimator, McCormick, & more). Don't see yours?
Direct Price Files — Our price files offer great flexibility and can be customized directly from ElliottElectric.com. You can choose to base your price files on different items sets (like items stored in Your Inventory, items from all your orders during the past 12 months, discounted items only, or one of several other options). On top of this, you can customize the price file layout, choosing what sort of product data appears in the price file. If you use a separate pricing service, we'll send price files to the third party at your request. Read more
Purchasing: General Capabilities — ElliottElectric.com offers an array of tools for buyers, useful whether you shop online or in our locations. You can customize your login specifically for making and managing purchases. Here are some buyer capabilities on our website:
  • Buyer's Shortcuts: Quick-Selects, Custom Lists, and Rapid Entry (w/ spreadsheet bulk copy-and-paste).
  • Recent Orders: The recent orders page lets you copy past orders, adjusting QTY's as needed.
  • Shipment Tracking: Also in recent orders, drill-down into individual shipments for contents & tracking.
  • Purchasing History: The purchase history report generates specific, detailed reports of past orders.
  • Direct Price Files: We'll directly send you Price Files that are compatible with your estimation software (read more). In addition to other options, the items appearing in your Price Files can be determined by Your Inventory.
  • Your Inventory: This is a new, web-based system for inventory maintenance, which we're currently developing into a complete Automated Inventory Management (AIM) system.

Explore Purchasing Features on ElliottElectric.com

Payables: General Capabilities—As with purchasing, your ElliottElectric.com login can be optimized for payables tasks. For managing your account billing, the site provides these features:

  • Account Overview: Provides a dashboard of essentials where you can select invoices by due date.
  • Online Payments: A flexible system for selecting invoices by criteria and scheduling payments.
  • Invoice Management: Search, sort, and export invoices as needed (compatible with Excel, Quicken, QuickBooks, PeachTree, etc.)
  • Statements & Payment History: Using payment history, view scanned checks, proof of delivery signatures, and more.
  • Elliott Reward$: Enroll and earn $0.10 for every invoice emailed to you!

Explore Payables Features on ElliottElectric.com

Want to learn more?
Our website features many capabilities not mentioned above. For a more complete and detailed introduction to ElliottElectric.com, take a look at our website capabilities brochure (PDF).

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