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Graphic Menus and Revamped Categories

Graphic Menus and Revamped Categories

Every newly-organized category menu includes images to guide you through easy browsing. This includes the drop-down 'Products' menu at the top of every page, as well as the sidebar within the products section. We've also updated our Brands page and our Line Sheet with helpful images in a clean layout.

Catalog View

Catalog View

Now you can browse our inventory online in the same layout as our printed catalog. Even better, it shows your special pricing for each item. The table of contents on the sidebar lets you jump to any section. Try out Catalog View.

Refine your results with attributes.

Refine your results w/ attributes.

Much like the most popular online retailers, our new sidebar lets you shop according to specifications like item type, size, application, material, color, and so much more, all with a single click at a time. This is in addition to shortcuts by brands, category, quick selects, custom part numbers, and 'Your Inventory,' with options for automation.

New Menus, Ways to Find Items - The Products Homepage

Key for the image below - The new Products homepage and its features.

1 - Quick search (keyword, part #, etc.) and shortcuts to all brands, categories, and the new catalog view.

2 - Fly-out menus w/ images/categories, on the sidebar and the 'Products' menu on the top of every page.

3 - Drop-down to select any brand and view all items within, with category and attribute refinements.

4 - Every category menu includes images to guide you through easy browsing. Also see our new line sheet!

Exactly What You Need - Useful Options in the Results

Key for the image below - The new Products results page features and abilities.

1 - Every search results page shows any possible category refinements, w/ # of matches and images, at the top.

2 - See where you are in the results, click to remove refinements, jump back or search-within via keyword.

3 - Select an attribute (inc. brands, etc.) to narrow the results. Quick-search to find what you're looking for!

4 - This is where you control how your results appear, with options to sort and select-all for comparison.

5 - You will find detailed info for each item in the results, like availability by location and pricing (see below).

6 - The 'Add to Cart' button has a drop-down for easily creating quotes, custom lists, part #'s, & inventory.

Selecting Items in the Results - Compare Items and Useful 'Add to' Options

Key for the image below - selecting multiple items in your results.

1 - Begin selecting items and this menu lets you add them to cart, quote, custom list, or Your Invnetory.

2 - Also, you can compare the items you've selected (up to 4 at once) in a useful grid (see below).

The comparison view gives you detailed specifications side-by-side in an expandable grid, with all of the same options to Add to Cart, Quote, Custom List, or Your Inventory with a single click.

The Best of Both Worlds - The Catalog View

Key for the image below - The new Catalog View for our Products section.

1 - Easily page through the catalog or view it fullscreen.

2 - Each page number is titled & linked. Navigate the surrounding pages or easily use the table of contents.

3 - Part numbers are linked to each item's details page, and when logged in, your special pricing is shown.

The Brands Page - 3 Great Tools in One

First tab - All Brands / MFR's listed alphabetically, simply click to view all items.

- The 'Alphabetical' listing shows all of our brands, which you can quick-search or filter.

- When you select a brand, all of that MFR's items are listed on the results page for you to browse.

Second tab - The new graphical Line Sheet

- Our new line sheet has been revamped with images and is fully linked to results.

- Click a link to see all items offered by the selected MFR in that category.

Third tab - Featured Brands

- Here you'll find categorical links to items per brand/MFR.

- Click a link to see all items offered by the MFR in that particular category, or 'view all items.'

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