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Take a moment to browse and you'll see why employment with the nation's 12th largest electrical distributor is more than just a bright idea (ranked by Electrical Wholesaling magazine). With full and part-time positions available, great wages, commissions, and benefits, and a history of solid growth combined with our preference of promoting from inside the company, Elliott Electric Supply is one of the smartest career moves you can make. (View Posted Jobs)

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Why Elliott Electric Supply?

If you compare us to other electrical distributors, or even to wholesalers and retailers in general, you'll notice several key qualities that set Elliott Electric Supply apart. For instance, where most other companies depend on outsourcing and temporary contracts for specialized projects, we employ permanent teams of skilled individuals who are personally invested and contribute to the company's success year-round.

In addition to our Accounting, Sales, Warehouse, and Human Resources departments, we've got our own Publishing, Training, Information Technology, Web Development, and Software Development teams. Like this website, all of our catalogs and company networks and computer programs and advertisements are conceived and maintained 100% in-house, which means Elliott Electric Supply has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities. (More About Positions)

Creating Opportunities through Growth

By continuously reinvesting in the company and expanding our business presence, we have made a tradition of growing by at least 15% annually, effectively doubling our size every 5 years.

Such growth means we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team, and since we promote from inside the company, steady expansion equates to more frequent promotions. On top of that, having over 140 locations and counting means we're probably hiring in a city near you! (View Current Job Postings)

EES Annual Sales by Decade
An abbreviated graph of total annual sales
since 1972.


During challenging economic periods, Elliott Electric Supply's business model ensures that the company not only survives but thrives. Our financing is internal. With no borrowed debt, surplus capital puts us in a position to invest when other companies are not. Additionally, our customer base is well balanced, with residential and commercial-based clients as our primary market, supported by business with industrial, institutional, and government-based clients.