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The LoadCenter Controls Power Into and Around a Building.

Primary Control for Electrical Power...

In most buildings, the LoadCenter is typically placed in out-of-the-way areas such as the basement, storage room, laundry room or garage. Why?

The LoadCenter needs to be placed at a location that will serve as the central point where power enters the building and is distributed. It is generally not located in an area that is open to tampering, but, on the same token, a LoadCenter should not be placed in an obscure, hard to reach area.

The LoadCenter is essentially the primary electrical brain for the building – it provides all the electrical power in and around the structure. The LoadCenter is often known by a variety of common names:

  • Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Panelboard
  • Fuse Box

Sometimes this terminology is universally used to define a LoadCenter.

  • Not always does a LoadCenter that is called a Fuse Box actually contain electrical fuses. Today, electrical fuses are not typically used, although you might find a fuse box with actual fuses in place in some older homes being renovated.
  • The LoadCenter will contain circuit breakers, thus the acceptable term Circuit Breaker Panel.
  • Because circuit breakers are placed on a panel within the center, the term Panelboard is equally accurate.

Essentially, the LoadCenter is a mounting enclosure for multiple electrical circuit breakers. The panel consists of two columns in most centers, while in some smaller centers, breakers are placed in just one column (e.g., in Great Britain).

Circuit breakers are used to de-energize electrical circuits when wiring is being serviced. A simple toggle switch indicates if the connected electrical outlets and the ensuing power supply are either on or off.

In North America, most Load Centers display all circuits as open when the door is open; a toggle of a different indicator color and applicable text indicates power to those has been terminated.

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