Single Phase Residential Dwelling Services and Feeders

To find the AWG wire size or Amp Rating of a Single Phase Service or Feeder to a home or single family unit, use the chart below.

Service or Feeder Rating Amps and AWG (or kcmil) Wire Size Chart

Copper Wire Size Aluminum Wire Size Service or Feeder Amps
4 AWG 2 AWG 100
3 AWG 1 AWG 110
2 AWG 1/0 AWG 125
1 AWG 2/0 AWG 150
1/0 AWG 3/0 AWG 175
2/0 AWG 4/0 AWG 200
3/0 AWG 250 kcmil 225
4/0 AWG 300 kcmil 250
250 kcmil 350 kcmil 300
350 kcmil 500 kcmil 350
400 kcmil 600 kcmil 400

Table 310.12, 2020 NEC®

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Warning: For safety, call a licensed electrician and consult the NEC®. All licensed electricians have passed examinations covering the National Electric Code®, know state and local building codes, and may carry insurance to cover damages.