Glossary of Splicing Terms


A splice may be considered as two or more conductors joined with a suitable connector, re-insulated, re-shielded and re-jacketed with compatible materials, and applied over a properly prepared surface.

High Voltage Cable Types:

Of the nearly limitless variety of cables in use today, seven of the most common are:

  • Tape shielded
  • Drain wire shielded
  • BICC UniShield Cable
  • Longitudinally Corrugated (LC)
  • Concentric Neutral (CN)
  • Jacketed Concentric Neutral (JCN)
  • PILC -- Paper Insulated Lead Covered.
A third layer consisting of many different variations such as extruded solid dielectric, or laminar (oil paper or varnish cambric). Its function is to contain the voltage within the cable system. The most common solid dielectric insulations in use today are:
  • cross-linked polyethylene (CLP)

  • ethylene propylene rubber (EPR)

--3M ELPD Catalog; p. 233