3M™ Splice Solutions

Cold Shrink Splices:
Cold shrink splicing products are designed using 3M's unique cold shrink delivery system. Products are supplied pre-stretched on a removable core for efficiency and ease of installation. The removable core for efficiency and ease of installation. The removable core unwinds after positioning the splice, allowing the product to shrink into position and form a moisture resistant seal. The live-memory action of the specially formulated material ensures a permanent, durable environmental seal and insulation.
All 3M medium voltage (15-35 kV) QS-II kits meet the requirements of IEEE-404, and each splice is factory tested on power cable to ensure long-term reliability and quality. 3M QS-III splices can be used for direct burial applications, as well as in manholes, vaults, cable trays, and junction boxes. All 3M cold shrink products require no special tools, flame or training to install.
Molded Rubber Splices:
3M molded rubber QS and QS-II kits are molded from specially formulated, peroxide cured, EPDM rubber to provide a reliable medium voltage inline splice with a life expectancy equal to the cable.
PILC Splices:
3M cold shrink splice kits for Paper Insulated Lead Covered (PILC) cable use 3M patented oil stop technology. Kits install without soldering or lead wiping. 3M cold shrink PILC splices allow quick installation time without the need of open flame or heat. Single conductor splice kits rated 1000V and 15 kV allow inline splicing of PILC to PILC or PILC to Poly/EPR insulated cable. Three conductor cable splice kits rated 15 kV are designed to transition splice three conductor PILC to three single conductor poly/EPR insulated cables. All splices are jacketed and can be fully submersed. Modular splice kits are available for single conductor PILC equipment connections and tap splicing.
Resin Splices:
3M resin splicing kits are used in a variety of applications where conditions require the unique properties of 3M resins. The splicing kits have a high degree of mechanical strength for physical protection of connections and provide moisture-resistant insulation in above ground or direct burial applications.
Tape Splices:
When you want the versatility of tape, Scotch cable splicing kits are the answer for almost any application, regardless of cable type or size. Scotch splicing tape is designed for extra-long shelf life, so there's less chance of being caught without the supplies you need for emergencies. Tape products are available to splice cables from 600V to 69kV.