Residential Lightning Protection Guide

How to protect a residential house from lightning damaage

Lightning Rod (Air Terminal) -- Solid Copper Points made from high conductivity copper rod with tapered point and standard N.C. threads.

Lightning Rod Mounting Base -- Copper point base for use on ridged roof, sloping or vertical surfaces with positive single bolt tension cable clamping.

Copper Cable (Conductor) -- Smooth weave cable consists of 29 strands of 17 gauge copper wire - area of conductivity 59,450 cm. (#2 AWG)

Copper Cable Strap -- for all main-size cable is secured with one nail.

Ground Rod Clamp -- of high conductivity red bronze provides 3" direct contact - two 5/16" set screws for positive contact.

GEM: (Ground Enhancement Material) -- A superior material to improve grounding where soil conductivity is poor or where ground rods can't be driven.

Ground Rod (Terminations) -- Metal rods driven into the earth to guide the lightning current harmlessly to ground.

Surge Arrestors and Suppressors: Devices that are installed in conjunction with a lightning protection system to protect electrical wiring and electronic systems and equipment.