Switch Plate Selection Guide

Need help choosing the right wall plate? This guide's chart gives the details and specifications of switch plates, in all their various types, materials, and sizes, so that you know you're getting the right product for your particular application or use of your wall plates.

Various Switch Plate Sizes, Standard, Trademaster, and Jr. Jumbo Standard Size Wall Plates
  • Features a broad selection of types and colors
Trademaster Wall Plates
  • 3/16" wider and higher than standard size plates
  • Unbreakable thermoplastic construction
  • Pre-Installed mounting screws on 8,1 & 36 openings.
High Impact Thermoplastic
  • Preferred for Hospital, Industrial, institutional, and other high-abuse applications.
Junior Jumbo Wall Plates
  • 3/8" wider and higher than standard size plates.
  • The most economical way to cover "goofed-up" wall openings around outlet boxes.