Occupancy Sensor Application Guide

The chart in this guide offers a list of different sensor types associated with their intended application (location, room type, and area).

Sensor Type

Catalog Number

Appropriate Application

Small Offices
Automatic Wall Switch WS3000 Small, Individual Offices.  Sensors should have a direct, clear front view of stationary occupants.  Be sure sensors will not be blocked by doors, filing cabinets, etc.
360° Ceiling Mount or Wide Angle CS1001
Small, Individual Offices where wall switch location is a problem.  for offices with general activities, the wide area unit will work well placed in the corner.  If there are obstacles present, the CS 1001 will provide 360° coverage from the center of the office.
Ultrasonic US1001 Offices with large obstacles or stationary workers.  The US1001 covers up to 750 sq. ft., detects around obstacles, and is more sensitive to small movements than PIR (Passive Infrared) sensors.  It should be placed close to the area of activity and out of view of doors so waves do not exit the room.
Conference and Training Rooms
360° Ceiling Mount CS1001 Small Conference rooms where a ceiling mount sensor is required.  They should be located where they will have a clear view of the entire room but cannot see out the door.
Automatic Wall Switch WS3000 Small conference rooms under 300sq. ft.  To ensure detection at the far end of a room, it is recommended that the wall switch sensor be within 20' of the farthest wall.
Ultrasonic US1001 Small conference rooms without moving equipment that may falsely activate the sensor.  The US1001 works well in a room up to 750sq.ft.  Multiple sensors may be used in larger rooms.
Wide Angle WA1001 Medium size conference rooms (400-1000sq.ft.) without obstacles that may block a PIR sensor's view.
360° Ceiling Mount or Wide Angle CS1001
Conference rooms 1000 - 2500sq.ft.  Two WA 1001 will work well when installed in opposite corners. One of the sensors should be placed to immediately sense occupants entering the room.  For rooms greater than 2500 sq ft. use multiple CS1001 or WA1001 sensors in zones.
Lunch, Copy and Utility Rooms
Automatic Wall Switch/Ultrasonic WS3000
An automatic wall switch sensor will work well in rooms smaller than 300 sq ft; however, if occupants spend lengthy periods of time behind cabinets or other structures, an ultrasonic sensor is a better choice.
Ultrasonic US1001 Due to the many partitions in commercial restrooms, an ultrasonic ceiling mount sensor is needed.  Multiple sensors may be used in larger restrooms.
PIR Wall Mount HS1001 In hallways without obstruction or where coverage masking is required, HS1001 PIR sensors are perfect.  When mounted between 10' and 14' high, they provide a coverage area of up to 10' x 90'. Sensors should be focused on areas where people will be entering the space.