Careers: Accounting & Credit

With full and part-time positions available, great wages, commissions, and benefits, and a history of solid growth combined with our preference of promoting from inside the company, Elliott Electric Supply is one of the smartest career moves you can make.

Accounting & Credit Positions


Elliott Electric Supply buys products from hundreds of different suppliers to sell to our customers. This generates numerous vendor invoices amounting to millions of dollars each month. Keeping suppliers paid on time and correctly is essential to our company maintaining an excellent credit rating and having the materials our customers need. The Payables department also pays expense bills such as freight, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses like office supplies.


Our company has thousands of customers. Every sale to a customer generates an invoice. We have some cash sales, but the majority of sales are to customers to whom we extend credit. This involves numerous credit checks, setting credit limits, and collections of amounts owed. Payments on accounts have to be posted and monies deposited in the bank. Most of the customer billing process is computerized, but accounts receivable personnel are very involved in making sure customers' payments are correctly posted and problem invoices are handled promptly with assistance from the salesman involved.

Credit Department

Elliott Electric Supply has thousands of customers and we extend credit to many of them. For this reason, a Credit Manager and a staff of credit professionals are required to stay alert to the financial condition of each customer and determine the amount of credit each can be extended. The Credit Department performs credit checks to open new accounts, posts payments to customer accounts, and contacts customers in order to collect past due amounts. After a customer's order has been shipped and an invoice has been recorded at each store, the Credit Department mails the printed invoice to the customer. They also prepare and mail a Statement of Account for each customer, each month. If you like dealing with financial matters, as well as interacting with customers, Sales Staff, and Store Managers, the Credit Department could be the place for you.

Accountant at Desk