Careers: Warehouse & Delivery

With full and part-time positions available, great wages, commissions, and benefits, and a history of solid growth combined with our preference of promoting from inside the company, Elliott Electric Supply is one of the smartest career moves you can make.

Warehouse & Delivery Positions

Delivery Drivers

Most of our stores use our own delivery service. Delivery drivers often have contact with our customers more than anyone else in our company. Due to this, they become more than just "drivers"--they become customer service representatives.

Accurate, safe, and punctual delivery of our products is critical to our customers' satisfaction. Crews of people may be waiting to install products we are scheduled to deliver. If they had to wait longer than planned, or if the product was delivered incorrectly, the cost to our customer would be substantial; dependable delivery drivers are therefore essential to our company on a daily basis.

Many successful managers and supervisors for our company began their career as delivery drivers. It’s a physically demanding job, but it's also an ideal beginning to a career at Elliott Electric Supply--a great way to learn about our products as well as the needs of our customers.

Warehouse Personnel

With thousands of items involved, the receiving, storage, picking and packing of products has become a science at Elliott Electric Supply. Efficiently organizing shelves and products, making the best use of warehouse space, scheduling deliveries, and using computers and material handling equipment all make the warehousing job at Elliott Electric Supply an exciting place to be.

Merchandise that arrives from our suppliers must be inspected for damage and checked for accuracy before being stored or shipped to our customers. After this receiving process is done, the material has to be moved and stored in its assigned location in the warehouse.

It’s essential that our customers receive their products in the size and quantities they ordered. Order Pickers must know the entire warehouse and be able to pick customer orders accurately based on the documents provided by our computerized order picking system. After orders are picked, much of the material must be packaged for delivery by our delivery trucks or by a commercial freight line.

Warehousing is active work and will appeal to anyone who likes getting physically involved in their job and/or working with mechanical equipment. The warehouse can be a rewarding career within itself, and it also provides a great background for moving into other career areas at Elliott Electric Supply.

Two men working in a warehouse