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Whether you're a residential, commercial, or industrial electrical contractor, your needs for electrical supplies are constant.

Does this sound like you?

  • You typically have short notice for your electrical supply needs.
  • The overall cost of your electrical supplies is a growing concern.
  • Your distributor has limited hours.
  • You tire of waiting for mediocre counter service.
  • Your local distributor seldom has all of the items you need or enough quantity in stock.
  • Paying accounts, ordering, and supply runs distract you from getting the real work of electrical installations done.

If this sounds like your experience shopping for electrical supplies, you're not alone. Many electrical contractors today have faced these issues. How can shopping at Elliott Electric Supply solve these issues?

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Faster Access to Electrical Supplies

At Elliott Electric, we provide many options to help our customers receive their electrical supplies quickly.

Lower Overall Cost

We provide electrical supplies at a lower overall cost to our customers. We specialize in crucial cost-cutting services, like Don't forget to check out the unbeatable deals in our surplus inventory.

Shop for Electrical Supplies Anytime

We are available when you are. Our electrical supply stores are open every weekday and on Saturday. You can shop for electrical supplies any time of day with our online electrical supplies website. Our customers can contact us anytime with our 24/7 Emergency Service.

Personalized Counter Service

Your business with Elliott Electric Supply is personal to us. Our sales crew strives to make this relationship a great one. We promise to make ourselves readily available for anything you may need. We continuously conduct in-house technical training because our knowledge and efficiency directly benefit your relationship with Elliott Electric Supply and set us apart from the other guys. Drop in at one of our EES locations, and let our experts help you find the electrical supplies you need.

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Wide Variety of In-Stock Electrical Supplies

Elliott Electric Supply offers over 180 supply locations with over a hundred million dollars in inventory. This means over 100,000 different types of items and parts are available through our store locations and distribution centers. Our business is modeled on the simple concept of having what you need, in stock, all the time — something that's increasingly rare among the competition. Check out our extensive in-stock inventory with real-time stock quantities.

As an electrical distributor with electrical supply store locations across many states, Elliott Electric Supply understands the electrical industry and your needs, unlike big-box retailers and e-commerce corporations. Now, you can access our wholesale electrical supplies and services more conveniently using our mobile-friendly website and through our updated customer app.

With great pricing, expansive inventory, and fast expedited delivery, you'll find no better source for your wholesale electrical supplies than Elliott Electric Supply. Shop online today!