Light Level Recommendations for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Level Recommendations

Use this guide to find the recommended amount of foot candles needed to properly illuminate outdoor spaces such as construction sites, storage yards, bulletin boards, sports fields, and areas for vehicular traffic. A foot candle is equivalent to one lumen per square foot or 10.764 lux.

Outdoor Lighting Foot Candle Chart

Outdoor Lighting Areas Recommended Foot Candles
Storage Yards: Inactive 1
Railroad Yard Switch Points 2
Shipyard 5
General Building Construction 10
Storage Yards: Active 20
Loading Platforms 20
Light Surfaces 20‑50
Dark Surfaces 50‑100
Playground 5
Basketball Court: Recreational 10
Baseball: Recreational 10‑15
Tennis Court: Club 10‑15
Basketball Court: High School 30
Low Activity 1
Medium Activity 2
High Activity 2
Terminal Apron / Parking 0.5
Hanger Aprons 1

Indoor Foot Candle Recommendations for the Perfect Light Level

This indoor light level guide provides foot candle recommendations by room type based on typical room sizes in footcandles.

Indoor Lighting Level Foot Candle Chart

Indoor Lighting Area Recommended Foot Candles
Corridors / Stairways / Restrooms 10‑20
Storage Rooms 10‑50
Conference Rooms 20‑50
Gymnasiums 30‑50
Merchandising 30‑150
Cafeterias 50
Classrooms 50‑75
General Offices 50‑100
Manufactering Assembly 50‑100
Areas with Video Display Terminals (VDTs) 75
Drafting / Accounting 100‑200
Basketball Court‑Recreational 10
Basketball Court‑High School 30

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Warning: When using this information to perform electrical work, call a licensed electrician or consult the NEC® for safety. All licensed electricians have passed examinations covering the National Electric Code®, know state and local building codes, and may carry insurance to cover damages.