Email-Only Invoices

How to Sign Up:

  • Call our credit department at (936) 715-4008 and we'll get you started.
  • Or, you can sign up online by doing the following:
    1. Login and go to Account > Settings > Invoice Preferences
    2. On the Invoice Preferences page, the quickest way to set up email-only invoices is to use the "All Sub-Accounts follow the SAME settings" option at the top.
      Note: If you use the second option ("Individual Settings") and have different invoice settings for each sub-account, you will need to repeat the following for every one of your sub-accounts.
    3. At the bottom of the Invoice Preferences page you should see the "Invoice Delivery Methods" section. To switch to email-only invoices, please uncheck/disable the Mail and Fax options and check/enable the Email option.
    4. Add as many email addresses as needed. (Note that, for validation purposes, a verification email will be sent to each address added. Simply open the email and follow the directions.)
      Adding an address lets you customize how your invoices will be emailed. There are 3 possible formats in which to receive attached invoices: HTML, PDF, and TIFF.
    5. Click the green "Save" button when you are done.
    6. You will now be set up to receive email-only invoices.


Benefits of Email-Only Invoices

Immediate Arrival:
Invoices appear immediately in your inbox. Choose which digital file type is best for you.
Earn Reward Dollars:
Earn $0.10 for each invoice you receive by email only! More about Rewards
Go Green & Save:
Use less paper, ink, and fuel, and save time and money in the process!